Cube Ice Machine

Special for Commercial and Industrial Use Automatically control by Simens PLC Capacity range from 100kg to 300,000kg per day
Cube Size:22*22*22mm/29*29*22mm
Energy Saving: You can get one ton cube ice only consume 85KWH
Cooling Component: Danfoss

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Tube Ice Machine

Sophisticated technology with automatic control system
Short freezing time: get it within 20minutes
Tube size: 25mm/29mm/35mm
Cooling style: water cooling/ air cooling
Electricity components: Korea LG

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Block Ice Machine

AGICO offers you with the reliable block ice machine with a daily capacity ranges from 1 ton to 30 tons, it's specially designed with the latest brine refrigeration technology and highest quality components to meet the large ice demand in some extremely hot areas. The test results have shown that AGICO block ice machine is more efficient and energy-saving than ordinary ice machines.
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Plate Ice Machine

AGICO plate ice machine offers you with more choices and more flexible application. Combined with two unique technologies, flat-plate heat transfer technology and hot gas defrost technology, our plate ice machine has broken through the 2mm's thickness limit for the flake ice, the thickness can be adjusted freely from 2mm to 30mm according to your different needs.
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Ice Crushed Machine
As a auxiliary device comes with ice block machine which helps you to get small ice easily. Adopting stainless steel as material, high cleanness

Cold Room
All doors and panels for AGICO cold rooms are manufactured in our own factory, using CFC-free polyurethane for the ultimate in thermal insulation. Unique concealed cam-lock jointing simplifies assembly and allows trouble-free dismantling, relocation or modification when necessary.

Water Treatment Device
This is an optional device for treating water which assure you to get edible ice